Visor house-IN PROGRESS

Aggregating volumes to break with the existent aesthetics to set up past and actuality.

Name: Visor house-Habitatges plurifamiliars
Location: Osona, Spain
Date: In Progress

Paisatge Sota Coberta-In progress

The landscape framed from under the cover of a farmhouse.

Name: Paisatge Sota Coberta
Location: Garrotxa, Spain
Date: In progress


The value of traditional architecture to create a new story.

Name: La Rectoria-Habitatges plurifamiliars
Location: Garrotxa, Spain
Date: In Progress

Casa Porxada-In progress

The experience of the interior spaces through a porch.

Name: Casa Porxada
Location: Garrotxa, Spain
Date: In progress

Casa Mirador

Architecture as a tool to live an experience through the landscape.

Name: Casa Mirador
Location: Osona
Date: 2016
Photos: Marc Torra