The desk as an organiser of interior space

Name: Netgar
Site: Olot
Date: 2020
Photos: Fragments-Marc Torra

The main premise for the interior design project of the offices of Netgar, a company specialising in professional, high quality cleaning services in La Garrotxa, is to transmit the values of professionalism, rigour and quality through the design of the space, creating a timeless, forward-looking image.

The proposal focuses on the location of the main element of the counter within the space, in such a way that it manages to delimit the areas for clients from the areas for workers without the need to close the space and leaving the main circulation free to arrive at the meeting rooms located at the back of the space.

The meeting rooms are designed in such a way that they are visually connected to the rest of the office, enhancing the continuity of the space and allowing for visual and acoustic privacy depending on their use.



In terms of materiality, the project focuses on a clean and almost surgical aesthetic, emphasising the sense of the company. White colours are used and only the counter stands out, a representative piece of the space that accentuates Netgar’s corporate colour.