Unlimited space for an amazing experience

Name: By LaPaca
Location: Huesca
Date: 2019
Concept & Interior Design: Destila Arquitectura + Zoo Studio
Architecture: Destila Arquitectura
Graphic Design: Zoo Studio
Photos: Neolith

BY LAPACA is a global design project in which the corporate identity and interior design are developed for the renowned pastry chef Raúl Bernal. The project aims to reflect the creativity, fun, surprise and humor so well characterise his products and designs.

The interior design for the cake shop, focuses on creating a flexible, changing and fun space where the products are accessible from any corner. As if it were Hansel & Gretel, the customer is part of a participatory and surprising experience where he or she discovers the sweets and cakes arranged in a grid-shaped perimeter skin, in reference to the order and precision required in pastry, and where the lockable boxes contain the surprise factor.

In the centre of the space, there is a sculptural display element that enables the product to be exhibited but also allows the pastry chef to create special events such as show cooking, presentations, tastings, etc.

The project is developed without limits, removing the barrier of the counter between the customer and the shop assistant and giving him total freedom within the space, in order to create a contemporary relationship and treating the shop as a total exhibition space to be able to visualize from any angle the products displayed in it.